French Pharmacy Goodies! (They are worth the hype)

I have been so curious to try the cult classic skincare from the French pharmacies. I decided to make the plunge and ordered some things to try off It is a great website to try some of these goodies that you can’t find in the United States.

Here is what I picked out


First I couldn’t forget about Bioderma! This is the mini size and I love it! I tend to use it only if I need to refresh my face before I put makeup on. It also is great at removing makeup and specially eye makeup as it does not tend to irritate the skin.

Second I got a retinol eye cream from La Rosche Posay. I had been looking for a good eye cream and really like this one. It has a gel like consistency and will last a long time.

Lastly, from my little haul I got the Embroylisse creme. This is perfect as a everyday moisturizer and it has no real smell so it is perfect for sensitive skin. I have to agree with the claim that is perfect for under makeup as it absorbs evenly and does not interfere with makeup.

The other two products shown are from The Body Shop and they are great for this time of the year. The serum is in oil and is very moisturizing and the spray is a lovely toner or just final step to your skincare!

I hope you found this helpful if you are thinking of trying some of these products. Keep it mind they are pricey and they may not work the same as they do on me.:)

Peace and Love


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