Charlotte Tilburry and her Genius Pencil

The lip pencil is something I am starting to really enjoy. I love how it can instantly help make your lips more defined and it helps lipstick stay on longer. I have been getting a few things from the Charlotte Tilburry line that just came to the United States through Nordstrom. I love the lip pencil called Lip Cheat in the color Pillow Talk. This pink is the perfect pink and it matches my lip color perfectly. I can wear it on its own or I can pair it with a nude lipstick to instantly complete my lip look. I love how the lip pencil is not too dry and not too creamy. It sits well on the lips and I prefer it to my Dior lip pencil in Grege.

I paired the lip pencil with my Revlon lip butter in Creamsicle to get this look!


Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilburry? Anything you are dying to try!?

Peace and Love!


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