A Happy Post

Hey so lately I have been a bit stressed. I could delve into everything that has been stressing me out but instead I am going to do what my lovely blogger friend Christina would do and turn it into a positive. By the way her blog is called lifebeinggirly I would love for you to check it out if you want a dash of smile and a pinch of girly! She always makes me smile and she shares the same love for cats and Hello Kitty! 

So my positives for the day are the song Trumpets by Jason Derulo. Honestly, the trumpet part in this song makes me so happy and I love listening to it. The message is cute too. Who wouldn’t want your love to think there were angels singing in the background when you walk in the room. 🙂 I am currently playing it and I love it every time the trumpet part comes on I gotta dance. What is your mood booster song? I also have been listening to the mood booster channel on Spotify. Which could be another positive. 

Lastly, my engagement pictures were done while I was on vacation and I wanted to share one picture with you guys! 

He really makes me smile and I am glad he is my fiance! 

I hope you are having a great weekend and hope your week is filled with peace and love! (See what I did there?!)



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