Some Things that are Blue

Today I played with MAC pigments. I had seen the beautysanctuary playing around with the pigment Blue Brown and knew I needed it. It is a gorgeous duo pigment that looks brown in some light and blue in others. I had never tried a MAC pigment before and after some trial and error I have some thoughts! 

First, here is the finished look! 


Gorgeous isn’t it?! I personally love that way it looks. However, this pigment can be super duper messy. I found that it is best to do your eyes first instead of your foundation and face makeup. I did not follow this and had a ton of fall out and had to reapply more concealer which just can start looking cakey. 

Also make sure to wet your brush with some setting spray or MAC fix+. This will help the pigment to apply easier and using a paintpot or some sort of eye shadow base will help it stay. 

Blend blend blend!!! This is so important. Make sure to blend with a neutral eye shadow color like the MAC eye shadow wedge in the crease. This will help it look less stark and more natural and beautiful. Also when you blend it helps the pigment change and softens where you blend into a beautiful brown orange color. 

I hope this was helpful!! Also if you want to try a pigment but don’t want the large price tag. MAC website has pigments to go which are 10 US dollars! Enjoy!

(This is not sponsored :)) 

Here is something else Blue!!

My engagement ring! He proposed last Wednesday! It is a Caribbean Blue diamond with two diamonds and a design he created!!! I love it!!


Peace and Love


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