Two Shades Made All the Difference…

That’s right people I’m talking about foundation today! I love foundation and I have found some real holy grail winners for my skin. However, I tend to find it very difficult to get the right shade sometimes. Specially when it comes to drugstore makeup. On more than on occasion I have picked up a foundation from the drugstore and found the shade to be a horrible match. I had one foundation in specific that was beautiful and loved the application and look but hated the shade what is a girl to do? 

Well, after watching a makeup collection video from the queen herself, Zoella I found she had lots of drugstore foundations but had multiple shades of each. For some reason this clicked in my head…

“To get the foundation to work get a lighter shade to mix” 

That is what I did and also ended up doing with my concealer and it has made a world or difference. It is quite amazing how much easier my makeup has been applied and I use up more of my foundations this way!

I tend to just put a dot of each color on my brush and watch the magic happen while I swirl it on my skin!



I would suggest picking up a lighter shade if you have been struggling with the same predicament. Specially if you have fallen in love with a formula and not quite the shade. This works with concealer too and get add a great contour!!!

Peace and Love!


6 thoughts on “Two Shades Made All the Difference…

  1. I agree! My skin is between a light/medium to medium. The first is a bit lighter but works for me. When I tried the medium on, it made my skin look dark and muddy =( No good!! So I go with the lighter ❤ Great tip!!

    Oh, and I'm not sure if I told you , but I wanted to invite you to the Lovely Lady Bloggers group on Facebook! It's a networking and support group for ladies who blog =) here's the link:

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