Pink Nails and No Chip Promises

I tend to be very picky with my nails. When they start to chip or peel I have to pick at it. I can’t leave well enough alone. This is why I decided to get some gel polish put on. I went to a salon near me and the lady that helped said I could get it re-done if they chipped within 2 weeks! That my friends is a huge claim to fame! 

So far they haven’t chipped and I am really happy with how they turned out. The color I got is called I don’t know but I do know the color was number 16! 



What is your favorite gel polish color? I am loving this pale pink as it it still neutral and chic!

Peace and Love! 

Apparently I have been on a nail blogging kick lately! 🙂

Thanks again for everyone who reads and comments! I appreciate all of you!! 


2 thoughts on “Pink Nails and No Chip Promises

  1. I use to love getting gels on my nails, but I love to change up my polish too much, and I found the removal process to be a bit of a pain, but my friend gets hers done every two weeks and swears by them!

    • I find it depends on who does them. These are great and haven’t lifted at all! She also put an extra clear layer over the top part of my nail to prevent chipping! Guaranteed them for two weeks! But I agree they are not for everyone! 🙂 thanks for the reply!

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