Kylie Lips


This look was inspired by Kylie Jenner and her gorgeous lips. After digging around for what lip color she uses I found the consensus to be a MAC lip pencil in Whirl. 

Unfortunately, the closest MAC store is pretty far from me and so I did some more research and decided on the lip pencil from Dior in the color 169 Grege. 

I love this pencil. Before this lip pencil, I did not really enjoy them and found them to be annoying, however, this pencil is just like a lipstick. It is smooth and not too drying yet stays for hours. I find i can also add gloss to it and it doesn’t break up like some Matte lip products tend to do. 

If you are in the market for a really lovely neutral lip liner that makes your lips fuller check this out! 

Sandra from ttsandra and 15 steps then a beauty blog introduced me to this baby! 

Peace and Love!



2 thoughts on “Kylie Lips

  1. Another combo you should try is the Milani lip liner in Nude and the Wet n’ Wild lipstick in 902c Bare it all. I’ve been a little obsessed with her lip look lately as well, and these two products really get the look – at least in my opinion, and the products are more accessible because you can just get them at a drug store.

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