What is in my Purse (Bag)?


I emptied out my heavy purse the other day and found out one thing: I have way too many lip products in one purse!

I also discovered I have a slight Coach obsession.

My kitty also must have agreed I had to many lip products because he tried to get rid of them!




inbag2 inbag


In my purse I tend to also carry a volumizing spray. This one was from Ulta and I am really enjoying it. It was not nearly as expensive as the Oribe spray everyone seems to write home about but it does the job and smells nice. I also like that it is travel sized for easy use.

I also have been loving the Avene spray from the Ipsy bag. It is great when you just want to add a little bit of dewiness to your skin. Specially, in the hot weather it is great!

Now on to my Coach addiction! I have my mother to thank for this one! She has gotten me these pieces over the years. I have a small coin purse for coins, a larger clutch size for my cards and store memberships, and I have my mint wallet that I absolutely love!

Lastly, the truth is out I have way too many lipsticks and glosses. I have a theme right now and that is nude pinks. I have been loving all kinds of pinks lately and my newest obsession is the Clarins lip perfector in number 05.

I hope you enjoyed a little peak through my bag!

Peace and Love


3 thoughts on “What is in my Purse (Bag)?

  1. I always feel this way whenever I empty my purse, it’s like how have all these various lip products ended up here! I’m also really loving my Clarins gloss at the moment, though mine is shade 06 🙂

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