A Wonder Mask for Mad Skin!

This title may seem a bit over the top but for my skin when it is really mad at me. I mean when you have those evil spots that hurt and are under the skin. This seems to be the thing that does the trick. I have been reaching for this product non stop and had to share it with you!

This product is amazing! I got this as a deluxe sample from Sephora. It is a facial peel and I know that sounds scary but honestly it is super effective and only stings a tiny bit. Like when you put acne gel on a spot It has a citrus smell and is the consistency of a jelly. Ole Hendrickson knows their skincare and this baby I leave on for ten minutes then wash off. I kid you not I see immediate results with this (morning after results) product. The next morning my spot is significantly smaller!! Can I get a WooHoo!!
The large size which I will get someday is around 43 dollars but my deluxe sample is still going strong. I also find this is great to use all over the face or just as a spot treatment/mask!

I hope this helps some of you with stubborn skin!
Peace and Love!


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