Current Favorites!

I don’t tend to do a monthly favorites but these are some things I have been recently obsessing over! 🙂

I am going to start with snacks!


These are amazing they are basically cut up banana pieces that are covered in dark chocolate and almonds slivers. If you are like me and can not have ice cream, these are an awesome alternative and they are super yummy!

Also I love watching YouTube videos and this one in the background was Pixiwoo!

I also have been loving this eye shadow. I picked it up from Bloomingdales and it is called JoJo from Le Beaute de Metier. I will be honest with you guys I picked this up because A) Sarah from Sarahlovesmakeup obsesses over it and she has hit pan. and B) The name is JoJo and my boyfriend and I have been watching the anime! I know I know but the color is really beautiful and it has such a pretty finish on the lid.


Lastly, I have been loving my cats and I am so glad I have them. They make me smile and they truly are my babies. I love this picture of Tetsu, my kitten. He was resting on me in the morning and I snapped this picture. Yes, the mattress is in the living room. It gets too hot otherwise and my boyfriend is literally a furnace.


Hope you are all well and congratulations again to Natalie Yeoman for winning my giveaway! Please respond by email to to claim your prize otherwise a new winner will be selected soon!

Peace and Love!


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