Benefit’s Push Up Liner: Look and Review


When this baby was introduced a couple of weeks ago, I was so excited by the concept. I pre-ordered it and have been using it for over two weeks and am ready to let you know if it is worth your pennies!


The Push Up Liner is the first of its kind and it is a gel eyeliner in pen form. The idea is brilliant and I really like the concept. You have to twist it to get the product to come out of the nib. Once you get product out the nib it is the perfect size to be able to get a thin enough line. I found that when you first use this product make sure to let out more than you would think and get rid of the top layer as it will be a little dry. Once you get to the fresh liner it works so much easier and really goes on as smooth as butter.


I personally don’t do a crazy flick on my eye, my eye shape tends to look weird with a cat flick. However, this liner would be great for a cat flick due to it’s angled nib.

The thing I love most about this is you don’t have to clean a brush after every use and the ink is matte and looks beautiful. It also does not go anywhere once it is on and you will need to use a strong eye makeup remover to get this baby off.

What I am not a fan of: how easy the product dries up once not in use (specially in the nib). Honestly, I have no complaints besides that!

Here is a look I created with the liner!



I hope you found this helpful and don’t forget about my Jamberry nails giveaway winner will be announced later this week!


Peace and Love and Good Luck!


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