Recreate Jolie

I watched the movie Wanted with my boyfriend’s mother the other day and when I got home I just felt the need to play with my makeup. I know it looks a little silly but here is the result.


I look a little dead, I had horrible lighting as it was late at night!

I used my Chiaroscuro stick from EM cosmetics to get the contour cheek bones. I ran it along where you would add bronzer, focusing it on the hollows of my cheeks and around my face. I also wanted to add smokiness to my eyes as hers are much more deep set. I used my Sephora smudge brush and my Burberry shadow in Taupe Brown to smoke out under my eyes and also in the outer v. To get her big full lips I used what I had which was a taupe liner. I over lined my lips and then added my Bite lipstick in Retsina. 

What do you think!? I know it looks a little crazy but sometimes it is fun just to play around with new looks and colors to see what you can produce!

Peace and Love and don’t forget to check out my giveaway in the previous post!


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