Lip Product Addict TAG

I am a lipstick addict. I feel like I am always on the hunt for the perfect color and perfect formula. I have found that I prefer a Matte lipstick that isn’t too drying the best. However, I am always trying out new ones. Here is my take on the TAG enjoy! Also the background was a from a vintage showboat piece. It is art so please don’t judge! Thanks!

Favorite Balm/Treatment

Hands down this would be my Jouer Lip Treatment I love the texture of this balm and find it to be very smooth and I love that it has no scent.


Best Eye-Catching RED

Hands down this would be my Hourglass color in Icon. I love the blue-toned red and love the way it looks against my skin color.


Best Luxury

I love my Chanel lipsticks they look super classy and they last. I love all their finishes and the smell!


Best Drugstore

Honestly, the Maybelline Vivids do not get enough love they are amazing. They last forever, are super opaque and the colors are just gorgeous!



Best MAC Lipstick

I have a tie between my favorite fall color which is Syrup and my everyday nude which is Hue.


Most Disappointing

Surprisingly, for me it was the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. These were too creamy for me and because they were so creamy they do not last. I also found them to bleed too much for my liking.


Liner? Yes or No?

No, I am not a fan and it takes so much time. However, when I do a red lip color i tend to use one. I have a Chanel one is Rosewood and a MAC color in beet.

Best Gloss

I love the NYX butter glosses, they smell lovely, last a while on the lips, and add enough color. I have two and they are everyday staples.


Something Extra

I love the YSL glossy stain in number 7. I love that they have a long lasting power, they smell lovely, and they leave a wonderful glossy finish to the lips when I need something to look great and last I always grab for this!




I hope you enjoyed this and I TAG


Jacquie Navarro


East to West

sarah loves makeup




Peace and Love!








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