Seflie Fails on a Lovely Summer Day

I had off yesterday and convinced my boyfriend to walk with me to get some lunch and walk back. It was a glorious day and the weather was warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt. I managed to have him take a picture for me to put on my blog but as you can see I am not perfect and always put together and these pictures sum it up. Remember after all is said and done we are all imperfect beings and that spunk and craziness makes us who we are! 🙂

Hope these make you smile!






In case you are wondering, my T- shirt is fron Target my skort is from Fresh Produce, my bag is Rebecca Minkoff, and my shoes are from Target! 🙂

Peace and Love!


4 thoughts on “Seflie Fails on a Lovely Summer Day

  1. lol! Selfie fails..I love it. Although yours are still pretty!! =) I love your outfit and especially your Rebecca Minkoff purse!!!

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