Empties Marathon: Part 2

This second installment for my empties is all about skincare and I have a special mention in this part as well. One product is a definite repurchase and thinking about the smell makes me truly happy! 


Ignore my baby kitty in the background, he wanted to explore everything layed out. 🙂

The first product I will start out with is the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray. I had a deluxe sample size of this baby and really enjoyed it. I am trying out the B6 spray right now but I love these mists they refresh your makeup and can also help it to last longer. 

Next up is the Aveda Hand Relief hand cream. This stuff is amazing in the winter and really helped save my dry hands over the dry winter. I work with a lot of hand sanitizer which really dries out my hands and I found this worked the best to combat the dryness. Thank you Aveda for making a nice travel size for this. The travel size is great for your purse or bed side table. 

Below that Hand Relief is my Clinique Take the Day Off cleanser. I really enjoyed this as my first cleansing balm, however, I have found products that work as well but have more skin care qualities and ingredients. This is still great if you are new to cleansing balms and are curious about them.

Sitting next to the cleanser is my Maybelline waterproof eye makeup remover, love this stuff, have tried many but this works the best and for the price you can’t be beat! I love the pink bottle as well!

Another makeup remover is the N.7 boots cleansing water, I love the smell but for a makeup remover there are better on the market, case and point; the above mentioned Maybelline eye makeup remover.

The remaning products that were used up all come from Estee Lauder the Advanced Night Repair serum is amazing and I will repurchase it in the future. My skin loved that serum and I also loved that it left the skin slightly tacky so makeup worked well with it! 

I also finished an eye cream and a face cream. 

Lastly, my favorite product! 


This DayWear from Estee Lauder sits well on the skin, leaves it moisturized, has SPF 15 and smells amazing! 

This lotion smells like cucumbers, it is really fresh and refreshing and I need this again in my life. I know they have a whole range of DayWear so I will be keeping that in mind next time I need some skincare! 

Hope you enjoyed my little skincare empties collection! 

Peace and Love!


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