Empties Marathon: Part 1

I have been storing all my empties under my sink and all winter long they have been growing. I finally was able to go through it and on a day with good natural light was able to finally take pictures for you! There is a lot of empties so this will be a three part blog. Part 1 will consist of body care and shampoo… get ready for it! 



As you can see I was loving the Winter Candy Apple scent from Bath and Body Works. I went through a shower gel and a triple moisture body cream. This scent was lovely for the winter time and I would purchase it again. I actually still have a bubble bath in this as well! 

Other products from Bath and Body Works include a Be Enchanted shower gel (travel size) and the golden sugar scrub in the Paris Amour scent. I love their shower gel and this scent was very faint with a little bit of sweetness to it (very girly). The body scrub is great I really love the scent of it the most. My main complaint with this scrub is how hard it is to get out of the tube once you are about half way. I would prefer this in a tub. The scrub is very exfoliating and also goes to an oily state when mixed with water so it does a great job of moisturizing. I do say with caution: be careful this can make the tub/ shower very slippery. 

Consensus: I love Bath and Body Works and will repurchasing these formulas again just maybe in different scents to try something new. 🙂

Next up I finished a large bottle of Tresemme shampoo for healthy volume. I liked it but will probably not repurchase although it is super cheap and if there is a good deal I will more than likely pick it up again. 

My favorite thing to do is use a facial scrub in the shower and I used up the UP and UP version of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. The Target version works just as well and I really like it. I am using a Clean and Clear version right now from Walmart but am not as impressed. I will repurchase the Target version of the Apricot Scrub in the near future. 

Lastly, a body scrub from Victoria’s Secret. It was from the PINK line and was a summery scent called Sun Kissed. I bought this to last through the spring but this got used up so quickly. I loved the scent and have a body butter still in use, but the scrub I will not repurchase. It is just too pricey to not last longer. 

So there it is Part 1 be sure to stay tuned for Part 2 and 3 which include skincare and makeup! 

Peace and Love


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