Update: Recent Skincare Heros

My skincare has changed a lot since the winter time and wanted to update you on some new products that have been wowing my skin and me. The range is all over; one is super expensive, one is super cheap and affordable and one is right in the middle. 

Here are my three favorite products as of right now.


I will start with the the product that is lowest on the WOW factor. The Vitamin E eye cream from The Body Shop. I got this on sale on their website around March and it was like 60% off. This eye cream is generally pretty inexpensive anyway and I have used it for about two months. My consensus: it is great but nothing too special. It is a wonderful daily eye cream but if you need something more anti-aging I would look somewhere else. Overall, I have been happy with it and use it every morning and night but it doesn’t show any vast improvements. 

Second product is a true love of mine. 


I saw Viviana from VivianaDoesMakeup using this product and instantly needed it in my life. I found that this product is very hard to find in the States and actually had to order it from BeautyBay.com. This is a cleansing gel from Oskia, a brand I know little of. This cleansing gel is amazing though and from first use I have been hooked. It not only cleanses well but has lots of really good for you ingredients like pumpkin enzymes, Vitamin A,C, and E and Omega 6. It has a lovely scent as well and literally leaves your skin nourished and really happy. I find that it is also not too moisturizing where you worry about being oily. This just leaves the skin, dare I say it.. HAPPY! 

The tube has lasted me already about three months and think this will be in my life for a while. 

Note: If you order this off of BeautyBay’s website do not get suckered into paying extra for their deluxe samples, they were such a disappointment one was a generic BeautyBay mascara that I don’t think they even sell a full size on the website. You have been warned. 🙂

On to my final product: This one is good! 


If you have a Trader Joe’s near you, stop everything and check this out. I got this serum from a friend for my birthday in March and am so happy to have this in my life. It is a antioxidant serum that smells like citrus. It leaves your skin so moisturized I have not used a lotion for three months on my face and have not been sorry. This serum also leaves you with a primer finish in that it feels very smooth. The best part is this baby is only 10 dollars!!!!! 

I will be getting another one very soon. The only drawback is that product gets used up quite quick even with two pumps a day (one in the morning and one in the evening). I will be actually trying The Body Shop’s serum in oil next but this will be on the buy list for sure. Honestly, this product blew me away for 10 dollars! 

Well that is it for now, let me know what skincare you have been loving and I may just have to check it out! 

Peace and Love! 


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