Jouer Lip Enhancer

I love this lip enhancer. I started using it at bedtime and before I put my makeup on in the morning and have seen a huge difference in how manageable my lips are. Unfortunately, my lips get very dry and peel very easy. I find with this product I have less of that problem. I love two things about this lip treatment; one, the consistency is velvety and smooth not greasy or drying, and two, the product is unscented and easy to apply. 


I got this product sent to me after they botched up my order, Jouer has great guest service by the way. They replaced my order and gave me this as a special gift! 

That aside this product contains Jojoba oil and other nutrients and this has been my go to lip treatment all through April and am still loving it! 

What is your go to lip treatment? I am interested to try the agave mask from Bite next! 

Peace and Love!


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