New Love and Old Fling

I have been head over heels in love with these products. One is fairly new and from my Lush haul. The other has been mentioned before but I just hit pan which solidifies my love for it. 

First off, from Lush is the Happy Hippy shower gel. I just recently picked this lovely up and from first smell I am addicted. It smells like citrus and something sweet. I love the color too a very lime green color with a gel like consistency.  However, when I finally used it in the shower I found out this is a keeper. One: it lathers really nicely and a small bit goes a long way. I was worried this would be used up quite quickly but now I am much more happy with the lasting power. Two: the smell actually is BETTER in the shower. It smells just like Fruit Loops cereal. That fruity/ sugary smell, it really is heaven! 



Yes, my love for this shower gel is real! 

Moving on to my old fling that I just hit pan on. The Chanel Les Beiges powder with SPF 15 I bought a while ago, and this baby is still my everyday go to powder. I love that this powder is technically a foundation and for really great skin days or days I don’t want anything heavy I can buff this into the skin. I also love that this leave a beautiful finish to the skin, nothing too matte but still takes away the shine. I find this powder to have a scent to it, so keep that in mind if you are sensitive to smells, however, I find it doesn’t linger on the skin. 


As you can see the pan has been hit. What a great feeling!


The back of the packaging. And below shows the beautiful brush that comes with it. I usually use the Real Techniques buffing brush but on occasion this brush comes in handy. 


These products really get it done and I am happy with both. What are your new loves and old flings? We all have them! 

Peace and Love


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