Fine One One My Love and Hate:


I received this product back in December. I was really excited. I find this product to be something I both love and hate. I love the colors it is a lovely shade of bright pink and it has a strip of highlight as well. I also love the cute packaging. Benefit cosmetics always has super cute packaging and I am always really excited to see what they think of next. I also love that it is pink and very girly. 

What I don’t love is the staying power, I find this product to look super cute when first applied but by two hours the color is gone. I usually use this in addition with a powder blush for that reason. I also wish the applicator was not so flat, it makes it hard to apply and it comes out looking like a big streak across your face. This product must be blended well. For around 22 dollars I wish I liked this product more. 


Here is a swatch of the product, like stated before I love the colors and wish it translated better on the face, I wish it lasted longer as well. 

Let me know if you have tried this product and your thoughts! 

Happy Easter!

Peace and Love


2 thoughts on “Fine One One My Love and Hate:

  1. I love this when it goes on my face, it looks so natural but it disappears so quickly. I’ve also found that mine now has a big dent in it, which is cheek shaped. I’m going to be left with not much else except highlighter soon x

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