Liners to the Rescue!

Odd title but it fits my mood right now! I wanted to talk about my most used eyeliners and let you know my thoughts. 

Here are my most used and current eyeliners at the moment. They range from liquid to pencil and everything in between. 


Pictured above: Maybelline Line Stiletto, L’Oreal Linear Intense, Pixel Party Proof liner, Nyx The Curve, and Jordana Easyliner.

Starting with the two from Maybelline and L’Oreal these two are both felt tip applicators. They are hard to use in my opinion as the tip is quite flexible. I know some people swear by these but I am not a fan for my eye shape. If you have tight and wide eyes with lots of eyelid space these might be perfect for you. One major plus is they tend to not dry out as easy as some other liners as long as you give it a good shake before opening.

Next is a liner from Pixel, I found this at Ulta for pretty cheap. It was around five dollars and I was expecting for the price for it to not be very pigmented and to not last long. I was pleasantly surprised. I also love the marker like tip and it makes application very easy for me. I bought the Brown shade and will get the Black in the future. I do find the Brown shade to lean very Red. Overall, for the price a great buy! Have you tried anything from this brand before? I am very curious.

Lastly, if you are looking for a cheap liner look no farther than the Jordanana Easyliner. It will last not as long as the above mentioned but for less than 2 dollars it makes a great liner to tight line. 

My favorite out of the bunch is the Nyx The Curve eyeliner. It is very pigmented, easy to use and because of the ergonomic shape very novice friendly. I can get a very straight and precise line with this liner. I also love the lasting power it lasts all day with no loss of pigmentation or flaking! 

Here are some swatches in order of mention: Note the pigmentation of the Brown shade and the Nyx liner at the end! 


I also did a rub test and as you can see the Jordana liner just doesn’t last!


Let me know your favorite liners and I hope this was helpful! 

Peace and Love

I am going to eat some pizza! 🙂



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