Eve Lom First Impressions

I recently was on vacation in Florida and while there I brought some samples and deluxe samples to try. I had received a deluxe sample of the Eve Lom Cleanser with the muslin cloth.


My first thoughts: I love the muslin cloth it makes it easier to take off makeup and is cleaner than having to splash water on my face over and over. If you don’t already use a cloth to take off your cleanser I highly recommend it. 

The cleanser comes out thick and dissolves into an oil on the skin. It feels nourishing and I like the consistency. However, the smell is not for everyone. It has a very strong and fragrant smell and I had a hard time with it. I found it burned when it came too close to my eyes. 

It does do a good job of removing my makeup but I find other cleansers to do a better job. It takes a while to remove waterproof makeup with this cleanser and I would suggest other alternatives especially if you are prone to sensitive skin.

Personally I found this cleanser to be too pricey for an everyday cleanser, I know that a jar is around fifty dollars for a small container, The smell is just too strong for me and I am not a fan of the mineral oil found in this product which can irritate the skin. 

I have used the Clinique Take the Day Off cleanser and would recommend that over this product. This is a cult beauty product and it has high reviews on Sephora so if you are still curious give it a try! 

Peace and Love


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