Birthday Goodies


Here is a tidbit of goodies I got for my birthday. I am excited to try these out and a few I have already given a pretty good test run. I am specially in love with the Koh Gen Doh Aqua foundation and love the way it applies. It reminds me of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation,however, I find that it is even lighter on my skin and gives beautiful coverage. The Chanel foundation sometimes comes off a bit oily on my skin. 

Here is a picture of my face at night after 8 hours of wearing it and with flash photography:


Forgive my glasses mark, that is inevitable with my inability to wear contacts. As you can see though it photographs well and the foundation doesn’t break up too much even after 8 hours of wear. It is pricey at around 62 dollars but I wear this everyday and love it. I have never been happier with a foundation or skin base. Also if you are curious to try it check out their website and contact them with your current foundation and shades and they will send you a sample! I also received samples of other bases and color bases to try! 

I will have more reviews soon on other products from this post. The next will be the Hourglass brow pencil! 🙂

Peace and Love


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