Spa Day and Tips and Tricks

Today was my long awaited spa day! I had received a gift certificate for Christmas from my boyfriend and decided to make a whole day out of it! Today was glorious and if you have the chance to check out an Aveda salon and spa I highly recommend it!

As I had never experienced a spa day before I was unsure on what to wear there. I decided on comfy clothes a pair of leggings, a long sleeve shirt, socks, and a sports bra. I was very happy with this decision as I was very comfy before and after. The nice thing I was unaware of was how lovely the changing room is and was pleasantly surprised when it was nothing like a high school changing room. They had steam showers and lots of products to try! It was enjoyable on its own.

However, I had a spa day ahead of me. I had a massage first and I was always concerned with being stark under the robe but guys they make it seem like you are not even naked. They are very professional and they always have you covered up. When they work on a leg they roll up the blanket and massage the leg, then they cover it up and do another area the same way. When you need to turn over they dim the lights even darker and have you turn over while they hold the towel or blanket in the way. I was not embarrassed at all and was very relaxed.

Next, I had an herbal body wrap. It was a pleasant experience and for someone who loves to be warm I quite enjoyed it however, if you are someone who is claustrophobic or someone who does not like things really warm this may not be for you. They wrap you like a burrito in warm infused towels and you are to sweat out toxins and impurities. Like I said I loved it but it is not for everyone!

My favorite part was the facial. I was expecting a mask put on and then I wait but they massaged my face, neck, scalp, and even feet! I was not expecting it to be so encompassing and really felt relaxed. I also loved that they had a steam mist the whole time and finished with lavender and rose water with hylaronic acid. Beautiful!

Lastly, I had a gel manicure. The day was perfect! I had never had a spa treatment before but now I feel like a pro. I also learned from a fellow changing room lady that she skips the sandals they provide and wears her socks. I agree with her and kept me nice and cozy.

Here are some photos ( mainly the changing room)


Me in my robe. They were soft and fleece lined.


The steam shower


The shower was stocked with Aveda goodies to try!


They had a stocked hair station with hair tools, dryer, straightener, and hair products to use.


They also had face products such as cleansers and moisturizers.


My manicure OPI Kiss Me I’m Brazilian!

I had such a relaxing day and hope you all get to experience this at least once in your lives!

Peace and Love


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