Power of Pink

I have two outstanding products that both sport this lovely color. I have to admit Pink is not my favorite color, in fact, I love Green the most but these products may just change my mind! 



First off I have this quick dry shake and spray from My Amazing Blow Dry Secret. I got this sample from my boyfriend’s mom and I loved it so much she got me another! This spray has coconut water in it that helps to dry your hair but not dry out your hair. You shake this product up to mix the two parts together and then spray in damp hair. I then like to go over and brush through it to make sure it is evenly dispersed. After that just dry your hair normally. I found this to really help my hair dry faster with out damaging my hair. If you are curious about this product check a local beauty salon or a beauty supply store. Has anyone else tried this? What are your thoughts? I also really like the smell!



My second Pink rock star is this waterproof makeup remover from Maybelline. Out of all the eye makeup removers I have tried I like this the best. I only need one application to get the makeup removed and it does not have any smell. I find this does not irritate my eyes and it is inexpensive. An all around winner in my book. I bought mine from Target but they can be found at most major retailers. 

So there you have it my Pink standouts for this month! March is flying by and soon it will be my birthday! 🙂 I also have a trip to the spa next Tuesday so stay tuned for that post! 🙂 So excited!

Peace and Love


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