Fun Day with the Family

Get ready for lots of pictures!

I spent the day with my brother and niece before they left to go back home to Washington. I had a wonderful day getting to share my love of makeup with her! She wanted to see what was in my purse and sure enough pulled out my Aurora lip gloss from the Tanya Burr collection! She loved how it smelt and honestly had it caked around her cute little lips! 



She then wanted to paint her nails!


I let her do it my herself as she likes to do things on her own. It was everywhere and I am glad we had a towel down.

Next she wanted to put pretend makeup on everyone! A child after my own heart. 🙂 It was so cute to see her play and I helped tell her which brush goes where on the face. She had a really fun time until she wanted to wet the brushes with water which we could not let her do. 


Puzzles were also in the mix along with some ball playing with the puppy Tehya. She wanted that ball so bad!


I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend and will post soon! 

Peace and Love and thank you so much for following! 🙂


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