OIls and Your Skin

When I first started out with skincare I was always terrified of oils. I thought it would just make my face extremely oily and break me out. However, after diving in to the deep end with a serum I have not looked back. I love oils and they do an amazing job at giving moisture and life back into the skin. Here are my favorite oils! Give em a try!



The cheapest of the bunch is on the far left and it is plain extra virgin olive oil. I use this to break down makeup like a makeup remover. It specially works really well around my eyes. The best part is it is virtually free! This oil is also great for your nails as a soak treatment or for your lashes to help them grow longer and fuller! 

Next, I have the Jose Maran argan oil. This little guy is great as a hair oil on the tips of hair. I use this for frizzy hair days too to help smooth down the look. I mainly use it though for my cuticles after a manicure. It is a great oil that has no smell and soaks into the skin really well! 

I have always really wanted to try the KORA organics line from Miranda Kerr, however, the price of the products makes me cringe and so I started looking at the actual ingredients and found out one was rose hip oil. I did some research and found that this oil is great for reducing scaring and can be great for anti aging. I picked up a bottle for about six dollars and really enjoy using it at night. It does have a slight smell to it and orange tint so I recommend using it at night vs the day. 

Lastly is my serum/oil that I use every night and day. This one from Estee Lauder is great and I enjoy how it makes my skin feel. I am looking to try the Midnight Recovery from Kiel’s next as I believe it is a little more natural. 

What are your favorite oils?


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