My Top Rated Makeup Brushes!

Girls, lets be real for a minute. Makeup brushes are just as important as the makeup you put on your face. I know some of my friends still use the applicator sponges that come with the eye shadow and I’m telling you brushes will turn your eye look from everyday to polished and natural. 

Here are my favorite brushes and how I use them! 



Starting from the top I have a green Forever 21 brush that is small and domed. This brush is perfect for sweeping under the eye for extra color or highlighting the inner corner. This brush was dirt cheap and shows it doesn’t always have to be an expensive brush just the right type of brush.

Next I have the newest brush in my collection the MAC 217 I went a while without having this but it really is amazing. It picks up product wonderfully blends like a dream and keeps it shape. It also is not too heavy and easy to sweep all over. Love this for any eye shadow look! 

The brush next door is the Real Techniques dome shadow brush which I love to use for concealer. It fits under the eye perfectly and blends out concealer so you don’t have to use your finger.

Another great brush is the Real Techniques crease brush. This was my go to for eye shadow before the MAC 217 came along. I still use it for adding color in the crease for extra definition. 

The Real Techniques love continues with their buffing brush. This brush is great for foundation application, powder application, creme blush application and all over face application. Smooth and soft with enough denseness for foundation. A winner! 

For my blush I love my Bobbi Brown blush brush. it is amazing for blush application and I tend to use it on an angle for the perfect swipe of color. This brush is made well and is sturdy in your hand. 

Lastly, my Sonia Kushiak brush is a beauty for blending. It is fluffy and tapered so I can blend blend blend. Love it and it is longer than some of the others which I really like for blending. 

That completes my best of the best. Remember, you don’t have to have these exact brushes just these brush types work well for me and I highly recommend them! 

Peace and Love



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