Favorite Bits: What Is On My Face?

So I like to mix up my makeup and try new products. It helps me to actually use all of my makeup stash! Here are some of my favorite bits right now and what I have been loving! 

I have been going with the mantra “less is more” and have been just sweeping one color over the eye instead of layering on eye shadow. I have been really loving these three eye shadows for just that look! 


Naked Lunch





All these MAC eye shadows are great for that one sweep application! 

I also have been using this blush non stop and it has easily become my new staple. I got this blush about two months ago and honestly, I have not put it down!


This blush honestly goes with everything and blends beautifully! Smells lovely as well! Chanel you do it right again! 

For base, I have been in love with a sample I got from the makeup brand Koh Gen Doh. I requested a sample to try and am hooked. This gives the most natural finish to the skin while being lightweight and stays on all day. 


The shade range is tricky so I definitely recommend a sample first to try. You just email them with your shades in other makeup brands and they send you some to try. You get added to their mailing list, but I personally don’t mind that for I got other samples to try as well! 

Lastly, I have been loving the L’Oreal Shocking Extensions waterproof mascara. I love how it easily lengthens my lashes and still holds a curl! 


And here is the finish product! Great natural and fresh makeup for the day! 


What have you been loving!? Let me know!

Peace and Love



One thought on “Favorite Bits: What Is On My Face?

  1. Hi Carol, just love all your posts,. was a real treat to see Lexi, and the makeup you use and show really makes you look exceptionally beautiful. Love Nana

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