My Lovely Day with My Niece!

My brother and his family live in the state of Washington so I barely ever get to see them. Lucky for me, my brother and his daughter are visiting for two weeks! I wish my sister in law could have made the trip too but I am excited none the less! 

Today was my day off so I wanted to have a special day with my little Niece. She is three years old and she and I went into Target and I let her pick some things out to buy for her! Along the way we saw some of my friends at work and I introduced her and showed her off! 🙂 When we were looking for toys the first thing she found was a whistle, then we proceeded to find trains and lastly some bowls. It was a very interesting choice of items but it was her day! She then walked past the nail polish and did not want the kid nail polish but the adult kind. She picked out a pretty blue/green color and then I picked out a white nail pen to go with it. 

We were getting close to the front of the store when we spotted a Hello Kitty purse on clearance so that went into the basket. I then told her to put some of the items into her purse and what didn’t fit aka the trains and bowls we left behind. She found a mini barbie doll at the checkout and so completed our shopping.

We had a lovely day and later she painted my nails and I painted hers! I am blessed to have spent such a great day with her!



At lunch she was playing with my purse and trying on my “lips” lip gloss!

Peace and Love!



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