Product Empties Part 2 (Makeup and Samples)



Here is the second part to my empties post. The first one was more skincare and body care related as this one is more makeup centered. I am excited to say good bye to these products! I also threw in some samples I used up and was very happy to use some up as I have a whole box full of samples and things to try! 

Here we go!

First I used the Korres Yogurt Sleep Facial. I have tried the Rose version before and I like it for a night cream, however, there is no wow factor and it just seems sort of meh. It did not break me out though which is big bonus. I am using up an Estee Lauder moisturizer at the moment so this one is a pass.

Second, I used up the Koh Gen Doh Gommage spa gel. This is a weird product. Basically, it is a gel that you massage into your skin after cleansing. As you massage it into your skin it kind of starts to stick to each other and ball up. It is supposed to exfoliate this way and honestly I could not tell if it really did that. It reminded me of the sticky tacky bits that come on some samples when they are attached to a piece of paper… I don’t know.  I won’t be purchasing that one. If you have any tips on how to use this let me know because I am trying a whole bunch from Koh Gen Doh right now and love so many of their products!

I then used up some perfume samples! Yay! I loved both the Hanae Mori one actually is so nice and it kinda unisex. Just a great scent! 

For eye primer I have talked about the L’Oreal Decrease as a great dupe and alternative for the Urban Decay primer potion. I liked this and it worked really well. The more you use it though it starts to get thicker and harder to work with. I will repurchase this once I am done using up some others!

I used up a deluxe sample of the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light eye cream/brightener. I really loved it and although I am trying a different one at the moment I may repurchase this in the future as it did not dry or crease under my eye and you could use this on the top of the cheek bones as well! 

Mascaras! So many! I loved the They’re Real from Benefit and the Falsies from Maybelline. I would repurchase those for sure! I would skip on the Urban Decay curl mascara and the Telescopic Extensions from L’Oreal only because I love the waterproof version so much more! 

If you are looking for a cheap brow gel, the E.L.F cosmetics makes a great one with two pots one for lashes and one for brows or both for brows like me! It is under five dollars! So good!

I also used up the Maybelline Dream Lumi highlighting pen. Such a great dupe for the YSL Touche le Clait!

Lastly, some little samples of Mascara one from Chanel which is nice but dries very quickly and dries out fast as well, and the MAC zoom lash, not a fan as it was too heavy for my lashes and did not keep a curl. 

Whew… I am tired. But so glad to toss those babies out! 

Peace and Love! 


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