Tanya Burr Lip Gloss

I was thrilled when YouTube and makeup artist, Tanya Burr came out with a lip gloss and nail polish line. It is only available online at sites like feelunique and will be out in select drug stores in the UK coming soon. I wanted to show my support and also try them out for myself. When trying to choose it was pretty easy based on the cute names Tanya Burr personally picked out for each product. I did not get a chance to pick out a nail polish as they were all sold out but grabbed a lip gloss in the color Aurora. This color is named like the Sleeping Beauty princess who was my favorite out of the classic princesses so I had to get this color. 



Here is the packaging! I also picked up the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Ivory to get free shipping!


I thought the little message on the back of the packaging was super cute and right up her alley!


I love the cute little details like this little heart on the top of the gloss package.


Here is a look at the color payoff. They are opaque and you do not need a lipstick underneath. They smell really yummy like strawberries! I also enjoy the lasting time about three hours they are not too sticky but have some stickiness to keep them long wearing. They also have a little hint of menthol to give you a plumping action. They do not smell minty though. 

Honestly, with colors like Vampire Kiss, Picnic in the Park, and Chic I am already hooked. Top it off with an opaque formula and a price under ten dollars, these are more than a great endorsement from a YouTube star, these are great quality and MAKEUP ESSENTIALS! I am dying to get some other colors! 🙂

Have you tried them what do you think?!

Peace and Love!


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