Empties Baby!



There is nothing better than going through your empty containers and actually tossing them in the trash! Woohoo! 

Here is what I used up and little reviews on each product:

First on the left I used the Target Up and Up version of the Aveeno positively radiant moisturizer with SPF 15. I love this stuff and continue to use it; right now I am using an Estee Lauder deluxe sample but will go back to this after. I wish it smelt a tad less sunscreeny but for the price you can not go wrong. 

I also used up a L’Oreal conditioner it was supposed to repair up to five years of damage. I am not sure on that claim but it was a good conditioner and gentle enough for daily use. 

Next, I used up my little deluxe sample of the Biolage Matrix leave in conditioner I have talked about this before and I have a full size bottle now. I love it, it leaves my hair manageable and doesn’t build up from use. I have given my long hair friends samples as well and they love it to detangle their manes! 

In the middle is a product I could not stand and actually did not finish. The It’s a 10 with Keratin did nothing for my hair. The smell I didn’t get a along with and it actually left my hair greasy. Try a sample of this product first if you are curious.

My next product is from Bath and Body Works and it is the shower gel in Twilight Woods. I love this scent. It is just deep enough and sweet enough at the same time. I love these shower gels and always go back to them. I am trying to use up my Christmas Candy Apple one right now! (Note: they changed the packaging for these and the top is rounded. It makes it really hard to use up the last bit as you can’t tip it upside down very easily.) Make sure to prop it up! 🙂

My Boots Botanics cleansing water was great and loved the smell and how it worked. However, it leaks and spills because it does not have a pump. As you can see the label is coming off from the residue on the bottle. Still a great cleanser may have to transfer this to another bottle next time. I am using the Maybelline waterproof cleansing water right now and really enjoy it! 

Lastly, was another sample from Ipsy. The Michael Todd charcoal facial scrub. Good not great. It has kinda a funny smell and I love the Origins charcoal mask ten times more! 

Hope this helps give you some inspiration and ideas on what to try! 

Peace and Love!




9 thoughts on “Empties Baby!

  1. I just got a travel sized bottle of the Biolage Matrix and have used it once. It did not leave my hair greasy and helped det angle my hair. Will continue to use this product. 🙂

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