Shopping Today and Relaxaing

Today I went to the mall with my mother and we stopped into Sephora. I can not resist that store. While I didn’t buy anything I always enjoy looking around and now have two new wishlist items. 

First is the Laura Mercier eye shadow stick in Amethyst. I was afraid this would be too purple for my liking, however, when I swatched it in the store it actually is a gorgeous brown taupe mix and is simply gorgeous. I also like that you can smudge it nicely and it does not set too quickly. When removing it from my hand it took more than one wipe which to me is a good sign. I will be picking this baby up in the future! 

Secondly, I found myself at the Marc Jacobs counter and was staring at the Lolita palette. I have heard such contrasting reviews on this little palette that at 59 dollars is no where near cheap. I made the mistake of swatching it. 



It truly is breathtaking. I found myself staring into the colors and specially the opal pink shade. They were really creamy and smooth as well. So now I really want it even though I know some bloggers and girls have not been impressed. I must try this for myself. I have a birthday coming up so maybe this will be an idea. 🙂

Let me know if you have tried this or if you know anyone who has! 

After my long day of shopping I was in need of some rest so I took a bath put on a mask and relaxed. So did my kitty! 


How precious is this little guy!? I was marathoning Inuyasha! I love that show! I am a nerd I am aware! 🙂 He is so gosh darn cute though and I love that kind of character and the love story awww! ( Ramble over) 

Hope you are getting some much needed rest this weekend! 

Peace and Love! 


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