When Your Skin Is Angry…

So I usually have pretty good skin, thanks to my Mom who also has great skin. I barely ever break out where there is more at a time. I tend to just get one here and there. However, there are moments in my life when I get the big one the really big cluster breakout. I have this going on right now near my chin and around my nose and a little up near my eyes… it is safe to say no one has perfect skin and when the large breakout occurs it is time to bring out the big guns! 

I have found that Salicylic Acid works best for my skin but for others Benzoyl Peroxide might do the trick better. I use a moisturizer with the acid in it to combat the breakout and then I also use my trusty Tea Tree Oil. I also make sure to moisturize so my skin doesn’t get more oily. I also have to cover those babies up and the product that always does the trick is the one! 



The Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage works like a charm I use this with the Secret Camouflage brush and love how well it can cover up. I use this under my BB creme or on top either way it blends in well. The Secret Camouflage is on the left hand side and it is a drier consistency that works really well at covering up any blemish. Because it is not very creamy it won’t move around and it lasts all day! 

Can not recommend this enough for those breakouts! I also find it doesn’t add to my breakout and does not make it worse. 


I got this about a year ago and it is still going strong. The other side is great for under the eyes to cover circles however, it is very creamy so make sure to set it. You can also buy these products separate!

Hope this helps for those looking for a great cover up! 

Peace and Love!


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