Drugstore Liner


I bought this liner the other day from the drugstore, I wanted to try a liquid liner again and settled for the L’Oreal Lineur Intense. It is a felt tip liner and when I first tried this I applied it directly on my eyes without shadow and it smudged instantly, I almost was ready to take it back right then and there. However, I gave it another try after using an eye shadow first and was really pleased with the results when applied with a shadow underneath it lasted all day. I suggest for added lasting power and to give the liner a more matte finish add just a small amount of eye shadow on top.

I really like the way this applies, the felt tip is long enough to get a fine line and not too long to not have good control over it. When researching good drugstore liners this was rated as the number one liner on multiple sites. 

I would recommend this liner to anyone who is looking for a nice and easy to use liner it very closely reminds me of the Maybelline stiletto liner. 

What eyeliners do you swear by? Drugstore or high end? I am wanting to try the Stila eyeliner next! 

Peace and Love!

I leave you with some fun pictures of the cats! Tetsu and Gus! Gus is who this blog is named after 🙂 fun little fact!



Tetsu is my baby and he loves to play! He will play fetch sometimes! 🙂






Gus is my little man who has plenty of personality and loves to be held!


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