Hourglass Icon

I don’t own many products from Hourglass, however, the products I have are very high quality and the packaging is gorgeous. Hourglass became popular this year from their Ambient Powders, they had been around before this year but gained massive popularity in 2013. I have a post here if you want to check it out! This post is about their signature lip color, Icon!




This color is the perfect blue toned red. It is matte as well which I really enjoy. I have this color in the small opaque liquid lipstick deluxe sample that you can find on Sephora. They also have this Icon shade in their creamy lipsticks which I will be picking up and their lip gloss

If you are looking for a really nice red, I highly suggest Icon! It, like the name suggests is truly timeless!

Please make sure to check out my giveaway! It closes Monday and I am giving away a red Dr. Rescue lip balm and Benefit They’re Real mascara and if you entered all ready good luck! Check out the giveaway here!

Peace and Love!

How cute is this sweater? Got it from Kohl’s!



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