Victoria’s Secret Blush and Highlighter



I got this gem for Christmas from a friend. I had always commented on her cheeks and asked what blush she was wearing and she said it was from Victoria’s Secret. I was so happy she got me my own for Christmas and am really pleased with it!  The color is in Impassioned and it is marked on the packaging as a highlighter. 



Honestly, this is a great dupe for the Benefit Rockatuer blush/highlighter. It has that pinky glow and has a beautiful sheen. It is not glittery and overdone just a lovely glow. I highly recommend this product and have been using it almost daily and was featured in my New Years Looks. 



Products used in that look.

I am eager to try more from the VS line, I have a lip shimmer that has pretty awesome packaging. Everything I have tried has been great quality and although it won’t instantly make you a Victoria’s Secret Angel, it definitely can’t hurt to try! 🙂

Have you tried anything from this line?

Peace and Love

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8 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Blush and Highlighter

  1. I have one of there bronzed pallets and quite a few of their lip shimmers. The bronzed isn’t a fave, but I do use it occasionally. 🙂

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