A Surprising Hair Find

I had originally bought this with my boyfriend in mind. He wanted a matte texture balm for his hair but he didn’t end up really using it. One day I decided why not give it a try!?



It is designed for men it has a very interesting scent. It is kinda cologne smelling and I really enjoy the smell sort of herb scented and natural. The smell is not even the best part though! I love the texture this adds to my hair I can just blow dry my hair and then add this to the ends and it gives just a little messy I am on second day hair look and it adds volume! I need volume, I have very fine hair. 

Here is what the product looks like in the tub:



You only need a little bit on the tips of your hands and then just work it in your fingers and apply to the ends of the hair.


Here is a look I did, I just used a bit in the ends to give it a more piecey look, I know it’s not perfect but you get an idea! 

I hope you are having a great end to the Holidays! I will be doing a new giveaway very soon so make sure to follow! There will be two items one is a best-selling benefit product Full Size! 

Peace and Love!


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