After Christmas Deal! Mini M.A.C.

Today let me just be honest, I am sick, sore throat yucky feeling, hurt everywhere sick. To make me feel better and make me feel productive, or semi productive here is a post for all you! 🙂 Yay run on sentences! 

So right now is the best time, I repeat best time to get a designer bag for cheap. By cheap I mean any sort of discount available. I found this beauty on Bloomingdales for like 30- 40 percent off and free shipping. I could not say no. 

Meet my new beauty!



I got a Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. or ( morning after clutch) found that out through a little research! I got it in the color Tawny and love it. I wanted a purse that was smaller and yet really chic and easily went with any outfit. I love the gold hardware as well and it is the perfect size. The details are amazing and the chain is really nice, not like a normal chain it is smooth and won’t snag on your clothes. I also love that it has the black and white lining I wasn’t the biggest fan of last year’s black and blue. 

Here is what it looks like inside!


It has a large compartment and then a side pocket to fit lip gloss or in this case my Travalo and medicine.


another view! I love the tassles and this is a weird point to make but the zipper is smooth like butter. No snagging and you can open this with one hand! Very handy! HA!

Here is a quick what is in my bag! 


I have a sunglasses case with my Fossil sunglasses, a Coach small wallet to hold cards and money. It also holds my Travalo and lip gloss from Estee Lauder and my Coach coin purse which holds my quarters for work! 

Perfect size, and I am so glad I got this! 


Peace and Love

The sickness is getting to me. I am going to lay back down. Thanks for following you mean the world! 



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