Naked Three and Look

So for Christmas I actually did not ask for the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay, but Santa knew better! Thanks to my boyfriend’s mom I now proudly own it. I honestly did not think I would get along with the pink tones in this because of my fair skin. I thought it would just make my eyes look red but I am pleasantly surprised.



My quick run down of this palette is that it really is gorgeous and the colors are pink toned but almost more mauve. They blend well with each other and I think any skin tone can wear this. The rose gold colors would look amazing on darker skin tones!

I have to give warning, the colors that have a metallic shine like Buzz and Trick are best applied with your finger as they have a lot of fallout. I also found that the brush that comes with the palette is not the best and would suggest natural hair brushes for this palette to get the best color payoff.

The matte shades are my favorite, especially the shade called Nooner. I also really like that they did not just add a black but added a black with some red/copper shimmer.

If you are a fan of the Naked collection I highly recommend this. If you have not tried a Naked palette already I would suggest possibly starting with Naked 1 or 2.

They all are the same price at 52 dollars and this one comes with some primer samples. 

Here is a look I created! 




To achieve this look I used Dust all over and then went in with Buzz in the outer corner. I then took Nooner and deepened the outer corner and added more Dust in the inner corner for highlight. I also took Nooner under the bottom lash line and took Blackheart as a liner for the upper lash line. 

I then used Sin blush from Nars and finished off with a gloss on the lips.

I hope you enjoyed this little review and I would love to answer any questions you have on the palette or any in the Urban Decay family. 

I reviewed a lot of posts and swatches before deciding on my first Urban Decay palette but don’t worry they all are winners! 

Peace and Love



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