New Tools and Thoughts



The other day my dad allowed me to pick up a few products at Ulta…feeding my obsession. I chose the above products and have now used them for over a week and have some thoughts. 

First is the Real Techniques brush. This particular one is the Expert Face brush and is meant to be used for foundation application. I usually use my hands to apply foundation as I like the look better but I have to say with this brush you get a flawless application and your hands stay clean. I also like this brush because it is dense enough to hold product but firm enough not to draw it in into the bristles. I can use almost the exact same amount of foundation when using this brush versus my hands and I am very happy with it! This brush retails for about 9.99 US dollars. 

Next I bought the Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover with Aloe. I was excited to try this out because I have horrible luck using a cuticle cutter. I always cut too deep or at an awkward angle. You are supposed to be able to leave this on for 15 seconds and then just take a cuticle pusher and they are easily removed. I did not find this the case, I found it to really not have any effect and I am curious to leave it on longer but it says to not leave it on for more than a minute. So this may just not work for me. This retails for about 5 dollars.

Lastly, is the purchase I am most excited for. I had tried a heated eyelash curler with my friend who does Mary Kay cosmetics. I was so impressed on how it works I have been keeping my eyes peeled for this one. The Japanesque brand tends to be the best and it did not disappoint. I can add mascara without curling my lashes and then after the mascara dries just run this under my lashes slowly for a few times and then my lashes are curled and they keep their curl all day. I like it better than a traditional eyelash curler because it curls them instead of crimping them and I was finding that to become a problem. This retails for about 15 dollars and if you have never tried it, I encourage you to try it for yourself! 

I am really happy with these new tools and can’t wait to try more! 

Hope you had a fabulous holiday and hopefully you have some time off for family and friends. I work retail and it has been very busy but I still get to cherish time spent with family and friends when I can! 

Peace and Love




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