My Chapped Lips Army




I love winter and the snow it brings, however, I get really bad chapped lips and have been on the hunt since spring, yes spring to get some balm and salve for my poor lips. Here are some of them and my thoughts, note not all are amazing.



First off is this Kiehl’s lip repair I got this off of Amazon for around six dollars and it is nice. It is a petroleum based lip product so it leaves your lips a bit greasy. I also would not recommend this as a day product as it is not good under lipstick or gloss. Great if you love the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. 


Next is the Satin Lips from Mary Kay. I really love this lip balm as it leaves your lips very soft. I use this as a spot treatment if I have really dry and chapped lips, as I discovered the more you use this product the less effective it is. I find that it leaves my lips with an almost numbing feeling if used over a long period of time. Once in while though, this is amazing, Mary Kay products can be purchased through a consultant find one through MaryKay,.com! This product is about 9 dollars. 


The EOS balms have a ton of hype around them. They have very unique packaging and are great for travel. I find them to be nice for the price of 3 dollars. 


They glide over your lips very well and this one in particular blueberry acai smells amazing. However, I find them to be very short lasting and can dry my lips out more once I use them. I also would recommend that you don’t leave them in a warm car, my last one completely melted. 


This one is amazing, pricey but amazing, it is the Creme De Rose lip balm from Christian Dior. For around 24 dollars a pop it is an expensive beaut. 


However, if you are a fan of rose smelling products this is amazing. It is a thicker and glides on well. It can be applied lightly for a small shine and plumped up lips, or this can be applied heavy at night for an amazing night treatment. I find when using this my lips actually feel softer in the morning. I also use this on its own as a lip gloss sometimes! 


As you can tell, it is well loved! 


This is another love of mine. I ordered this off Amazon and it came from Greece, so the packaging looks a little different than if you bought this from Sephora. I love this it leaves my lips moisturized and smells really fresh. If you are a fan of Caudalie products or herb/ minty products in general you will love this. It comes in a stick form so it is great for on the go. I also have had this for a while and it still going strong! For around 8 dollars I am a happy lady! 

Don’t get me wrong, I religiously use my Burt’s Bees and other drugstore products but these are a few out of the ordinary ones I have discovered! 

I also can not go without saying this hand creme has truly been a rescue and love the texture and the smell! Amazing and you can’t go wrong!


Hope this helps you and let me know if you have products you swear by! 

Peace and Love



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