A Little Bauble…

I always see the jewelry from JCrew and sigh, it is so beautiful and unique however when you look at the price tag you quickly try to forget about them. I always wish to find something similar though with a cheaper price point. I am happy to say I have found that in BaubleBar!

For those not familiar with BaubleBar it is a website and a store based in New York City that has lots of jewelry for less than 50 dollars for most pieces. I also love that they offer points towards next purchases and have buried baubles which are discounted pieces for a limited time! Some of these are over 50% off. 

I recently got a necklace during their Cyber Monday sale and ended up getting 20 dollars off plus credit to use on another purchase! Then shipping was quick it came in a lovely velour bag and I love it! 

Here is a picture below! I felt so glam! 



This piece was called an Aztec Bib and came in two colors I love the brown and blue and really like that this can be worn casual or dressy. 

Let me know if you have any good deals on your favorite products! 

Peace and Love

Check out BaubleBar here! https://www.baublebar.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/247495/

enter in this code for a bonus! 19057115

If I get enough reward points from you guys signing up I can do a giveaway! Honestly, I just want to shower with giveaways! I love doing them and making your day! 



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