Dior Happy Cherry

I saw this blush on Sephora a while back and haven’t looked back since. It a great color and gives me a very Snow White flush effect against my fair skin. This blush is definitely on the pricier side at 42 dollars but I really enjoy it and the formulation is beautiful. It stays on all day with just minor fading. I wore it in my Miranda Kerr look and the Lip Combo post as well. 



Here is another picture with it on however, I am very washed out from the sun and snow. 


Here is another photo with the blush. 


For good measure and to see that this blush is versatile and looks great with a red lip!



I love Dior, as a brand they always have great quality, they are very luxurious but they don’t skimp on the luxury of it and it makes it feel like the money was worth it. Honestly, I would buy from Dior rather than YSL any day of the week. I have never been let down in Dior while YSL I have been let down multiple times. I also love Dior’s BB cream but that is another post! 

Find Dior blush here!

Peace and Love



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