My Discovered Lip Combo



Do you like this reddish pink combo? I actually discovered this by mixing two lip colors. I am really happy with the result and it is great for winter and holiday time! 

It has a rosy tint to it and are you curious yet to how I got this color? 🙂


It was the combo of these two lip products. One is a Bite lip pencil from my Sephora lip sampler I posted a while back. I am not a fan of this color by itself as it is too dark and can age my face. However, with the glossy red 8 hour Infallible lipgloss  from L’Oreal it really gives it that extra shine and a beautiful red/rose color. 

What do you think!?


Here is a zoom in on the lip products the gloss is number 306 plumping red, and the Bite lip pencil is called Rhubarb. 

I hope this inspires you to try mixing lip products together you never know what you as an artist can create without trying! 

Peace and Love


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