Holiday Decor for Cat Lovers

So this year I couldn’t have a Christmas tree as I got a new kitty in my life and my ornaments are all vintage glass and that would be a disaster waiting to happen. However, I love Christmas and the holiday season so I needed some decor. Here is what I came up with:



First off, I have a mini Christmas tree that I keep up on my refrigerator as the little one can’t jump up there..yet.


I also have this lovely tree that my great grandpa made and I adore it. I keep it up all year long but it ties in so well during the holiday season!


I have to have some lights so I just wrapped some fairy lights over my bookcase and air conditioner. I like how it looks festive and also a little messy. 


I adore this candle, it is from WoodWick and they actually crackle like a real fireplace. I love this one because it has three scents in one candle! 


Next to my door I have a key holder with some festive holiday cups for decoration.



I love this little deer, and that candle from Bath and Body works is divine. It smells so festive!


Lastly I have this on my side table, all the items in the glass were from Target and then I just have some pine cones for decoration as well. I hope you enjoyed this and hope it gives you some decor ideas when a tree is really not in the cards this season. 

Happy Holidays!

Peace and Love!


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