Christmas Shopping with the Parents



So my parents gave up a while ago on what to get me and instead we do a little shopping where I get a budget and get to pick out my own gifts for Christmas. This year, I picked up some clothes from The Gap and Banana Repbulic, and Khols. When everything was totaled up I was actually still short about 25 dollars so I ran straight to Boston Store and the Chanel counter. They also had their friends and family sale so this little baby was even cheaper! 

I picked up a lipgloss in Imaginaire, it is a beautiful shimmery mauve color and goes perfectly with my Chanel lipstick in Etole.

I also got a couple samples… yay samples!



Here is what it looks like with the lipstick beneath it. 



These glosses are really pigmented have no bad smell and are almost unscented. They stay on long and they are not sticky at all! 

I am very happy with this little purchase and I got to take it home! Thanks DAD! 



I sincerely hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season. It is snowing today, and I have a little “Jingle Bell Rock” currently playing and am getting excited for the holidays and that is a feat for me because I work in retail! 

Remember to cherish the time with friends and family and have a safe season.

Peace and Love!



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