My Makeup Collection and Storage Updated

Just thought I would let you see a peek into my collection and how I have newly reorganized. Enjoy!



I put my lipstick in this clear container I found at Target in the One Spot!



The lipglosses are also in one of those containers and I also have a larger container that fits around it for extra lip products and lipliners.

That red box in front contains a Hourglass liquid lipstick I am dying to try! 



In the middle of the drawer is this little baby full of eye and cheek products. My perfume is in the way back.


This little box contains some deluxe samples and full size products that I am waiting to try or waiting to replace an empty product.



In a separate drawer I have my palletes and that MAC bag was from my giveaway which is on its way to Indonesia! 

I have my EM cosmetics travel pallete and LIfe pallete in Career Life

I also have my Naked 2, Ammo, and MAC pallete




Lastly, I have my little bin with my everyday makeup in it. This changes all the time and I like having it set up like this because it is really easy to grab in the morning! 

I also have an old Juicy perfume box that contains all my little samples!

Peace and Love and if you have a makeup collection post let me know! I would love to see it! 


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