Hair Care and Thoughts



Above are four products I have been testing and I have some I really love and others that I haven’t been impressed with. They are all hair care products except the last one on the right is a multi-use product. 

Before I go into detail about the products I should mention I have very fine hair and it is somewhat thick. I tend to have trouble with keeping my hair untangled and love extra body, it is also straight and tends to not hold curl. 

That being said here are my products from left to right:

First is a Matrix Bioloage Keratin dose treatment. I use it as a leave in conditioner and apply it to damp hair and the ends. It makes a huge difference in my hair and have a huge bottle waiting to be used once my sample is gone. This is the second or third sample I have gone through and I simply love it. I believe you have to get this through a beauty salon or a beauty supply store. My boyfriend’s mom is a beautician so she hooks me up! Thanks! This product also helps strengthen my hair and leaves it less frizzy as they day continues. I highly recommend!

Next is a product I really wanted to love. I am beyond obsessed with the Alerna CC Caviar cream and wanted to get a full size. I found out however, that it only is available at Sephora. While I wait to pick that up I received this one which is a hair elixir. It has a very milky consistency and it is supposed to be like a serum that you can either add to your shampoo or for a stronger effect add a few pumps to your damp hair. I did this for a week straight, and have not seen a real difference in texture, feel, or anything really. I am curious if anyone has tried this or heard of it. Let me know your thoughts! As of right now, I would not repurchase but will keep using to see if anything changes!

My next product I am sure you have heard of as it is very popular. The It’s a 10 Keratin formula. This product is supposed to do 10 things for your hair including protect from heat, condition, anti-frizz, and smooth. This sounds right up my alley! However, I found this product to smell a little more chemically than I desire, and it left my hair with a greasy feeling after using in the ends. I again am curious to hear your thoughts on this product and it may just not be suitable for my fine hair. Let me know!

Lastly, I love this find from T.J Maxx it is a dry body oil from a company called, Pecksniff’s from England. The scent is Rose Peony and it is amazing. Not only does it smell nice and light, it moisturizes with Argan Oil. I use this when I get out of the shower or I even love to use it as perfume. Just a few sprays on my wrist and I am ready to go! I had never tried a dry body oil before but am curious for more! I also could use this in my hair to freshen up! 


Hope you had a great holiday and enjoyed time with loved ones! 

Peace and Love



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